Mine Locations

Taizhou Mining's gold mining and exploration properties (“Taizhou Gold Mines”) are located in Tongguan County, Shaanxi Province along the Xiao Qinlin Mineralized Belt, the second largest gold mineralization and production region in China.

Location of Taizhou Gold Mines:

Taizhou Gold Mines consist of 4 mining licences and 5 exploration permits, covering a total area of approximately 47.1 square kilometres.

Mining licences and exploration permits:

Mining Licences: Property Name Exploration Permits: Property Name
Taizhou Q576 Gold Mine Lingyu-Haochayu-Liangchakou Gold Property
Taizhou Q470 Gold Mine Lijiazhuang Gold Property
Taizhou Q530 Gold Mine Tongyu-Mayu Gold Property
Luonan Gold Mine Huimaping-Sunjiagou gold Property
  Daxianglugou Au property

Taizhou Mining Camp: